Williston Weather

Growing up in Minnesota and attending school in South Dakota has allowed me to witness some of the weirdest weather recorded.  I have seen snow storms in May, monsoon category rains and mid-60s temperatures during January, but never I have seen some of weather that occurs in Williston, North Dakota.  For example, roughly a week ago, a storm pattern swept through this oil town with winds up to 80 miles per hour, and along with those typhoon winds came hail.  The wind was so strong that the hail was actually moving sideways when it fell from the sky, not downward.  Not to mention that the temperature had been in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s all week.  Last night was a shocking sight as well, as a rain storm hit for about a 2 minutes and it quickly transformed into a clear sky.  Little did I know that the golf ball sized hail was next on the agenda as it began to pound my bedroom window around midnight.  The Bakken weather has always been on the extreme end, whether it is 100 plus weather during the Battle of Little Big Horn or some of the coldest recorded temperatures just west of Williston.  Mother Nature must not like the oil boom here because she seems to punish many of those who reside within the township.  Regardless, Williston is an extraordinary place as culture, nature and industry clash to produce a vibrant community that thrives on change. 



Why Williston?


The staff here at Ryan Motors decided to look into some facts about life in Williston.  The population of this once small town is still increasing, making the housing situation in this oil oasis even more difficult.  There is no doubt that homes are in short supply and with new legislation taking effect on August 1, campers and trailers will no longer be allowed within city limits, finding a suitable home will be even more difficult.  If we look at the facts, there is no mystery to why people are moving to the area:

1.)    The average salary has more than doubled since 2000

2.)    The average house value has more than doubled since 2000

3.)    Unemployment is below 1%

4.)    The number of building permits requested has doubled since 2000

These are only a few.  The North Dakota oil boom is a modern day gold rush as thousands are flocking to this area looking for a job.  What used to be a small town has transformed into a busy, traffic-clogged city.  Residents need to book hair appointments weeks in advance, doctor appointments months in advance and hotel reservations sometimes a year in advance.  Whether you are coming up here to drill for oil, work for McDonald’s or simply drive through to observe the hectic environment, remember to drive safe and be careful.  Plan ahead and be ready for an exciting experience.




Keepin’ It Shiny



Is there a secret to keeping your car shiny?  We would like to believe so.  In Williston, the dirt, dust and mud have become a part of everyday life.  Not to mention the crazy North Dakota weather we prone to endure.  The large trucks that fill our streets are helping our town to thrive, but they can be a hassle to every local car owner as they spray all sorts of debris around.  We stumbled across an article online and we feel that it aligns with our beliefs on how to keep the paint and exterior of your car looking good.  It will work for anyone regardless of the type of vehicle you own whether you own a truck, car or even a scooter.

The most important part of any wash is to make sure that all the dirt has beenrinsedoff before the washing commences.  This will ensure that the dirt is not rubbed into the body of the car.  Secondly, make sure that you take the time to dry your car off.  Drying the car with a towel helps to remove any future water stains or dirt smears.  Lastly, washing a car is like every medium-size project you undertake, it must be done in sections.  If you try and wash the whole car at one time then you will most likely miss a spot, or 5, and you will not be happy with your results.  So, make some lemonade, get outside and start making your car look like a million dollars.


Increase Your Gas Mileage

As the summer continues, you and your family will most likely be driving all over.  Baseball games, swimming meets, play dates and the occasional family vacation can prove to be fairly expensive, especially if you have to drive a long distance.  We are often asked the question: “How can I increase my gas mileage.”  As a car dealership, our main goal is to help you get the most out of your vehicle.  After a thorough search of the internet, we stumbled upon this article posted by the United States Department of Energy: http://www.fueleconomy.gov/feg/driveHabits.shtml.

Check it out and discover new ways to keep your wallet and gas tank full.