Keepin’ It Shiny



Is there a secret to keeping your car shiny?  We would like to believe so.  In Williston, the dirt, dust and mud have become a part of everyday life.  Not to mention the crazy North Dakota weather we prone to endure.  The large trucks that fill our streets are helping our town to thrive, but they can be a hassle to every local car owner as they spray all sorts of debris around.  We stumbled across an article online and we feel that it aligns with our beliefs on how to keep the paint and exterior of your car looking good.  It will work for anyone regardless of the type of vehicle you own whether you own a truck, car or even a scooter.

The most important part of any wash is to make sure that all the dirt has beenrinsedoff before the washing commences.  This will ensure that the dirt is not rubbed into the body of the car.  Secondly, make sure that you take the time to dry your car off.  Drying the car with a towel helps to remove any future water stains or dirt smears.  Lastly, washing a car is like every medium-size project you undertake, it must be done in sections.  If you try and wash the whole car at one time then you will most likely miss a spot, or 5, and you will not be happy with your results.  So, make some lemonade, get outside and start making your car look like a million dollars.

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