Why Williston?


The staff here at Ryan Motors decided to look into some facts about life in Williston.  The population of this once small town is still increasing, making the housing situation in this oil oasis even more difficult.  There is no doubt that homes are in short supply and with new legislation taking effect on August 1, campers and trailers will no longer be allowed within city limits, finding a suitable home will be even more difficult.  If we look at the facts, there is no mystery to why people are moving to the area:

1.)    The average salary has more than doubled since 2000

2.)    The average house value has more than doubled since 2000

3.)    Unemployment is below 1%

4.)    The number of building permits requested has doubled since 2000

These are only a few.  The North Dakota oil boom is a modern day gold rush as thousands are flocking to this area looking for a job.  What used to be a small town has transformed into a busy, traffic-clogged city.  Residents need to book hair appointments weeks in advance, doctor appointments months in advance and hotel reservations sometimes a year in advance.  Whether you are coming up here to drill for oil, work for McDonald’s or simply drive through to observe the hectic environment, remember to drive safe and be careful.  Plan ahead and be ready for an exciting experience.




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