Williston Weather

Growing up in Minnesota and attending school in South Dakota has allowed me to witness some of the weirdest weather recorded.  I have seen snow storms in May, monsoon category rains and mid-60s temperatures during January, but never I have seen some of weather that occurs in Williston, North Dakota.  For example, roughly a week ago, a storm pattern swept through this oil town with winds up to 80 miles per hour, and along with those typhoon winds came hail.  The wind was so strong that the hail was actually moving sideways when it fell from the sky, not downward.  Not to mention that the temperature had been in the upper 80’s to lower 90’s all week.  Last night was a shocking sight as well, as a rain storm hit for about a 2 minutes and it quickly transformed into a clear sky.  Little did I know that the golf ball sized hail was next on the agenda as it began to pound my bedroom window around midnight.  The Bakken weather has always been on the extreme end, whether it is 100 plus weather during the Battle of Little Big Horn or some of the coldest recorded temperatures just west of Williston.  Mother Nature must not like the oil boom here because she seems to punish many of those who reside within the township.  Regardless, Williston is an extraordinary place as culture, nature and industry clash to produce a vibrant community that thrives on change. 



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