What is the most precious resource in the Bakken?

The answer to this question may appear obvious, but if we are to look at the facts then our answer may shift.  Oil would be almost everyone’s first guess as it is producing billions and billions of dollars for North Dakota, the residents and every oil company that has broken ground in the Bakken.  What many are missing is the fact that although oil may be keeping this state in the black, it is water that is making it difficult for many to live here comfortably.  Many grocery stores struggle to keep water on the shelves and there have been issues with maintaining appropriate H2O levels in the city.  Unfortunately, there are thousands of people who do not have permanent housing in Williston and they require a large water supply to live.  Jugs and cases of bottled water are hot commodity in Williston and the prices reflect it.  The overall cost of this natural substance has gone up because the demand is so high.  Hopefully in the near future we will see a decrease in the price of water as it is essential for life everywhere.    

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