Helpful Household Tips: Used Coffee Grounds Rock!


As I was drinking my delicious hot beverage this morning I couldn’t help but wonder what happens to used coffee grounds.  I have been drinking coffee since my first year in college and I began to think about the mounds upon mounds of used coffee grounds that must be adding up in this world.  I did a little search to find what used coffee grounds can be used for.  For example, did you know that used coffee grounds can be used as a deodorizer?  Used coffee grounds can help you fertilize your garden, remove furniture scratches, dye clothing or eggs, keep ash in your fireplace under control and so many more.  The next time you are about to throw out those old beans remember that not only did they provide you with much needed caffeine; they are not useless after H2O has been run over them.  Honor your beans, use them till the end! 

Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

This website has more uses for the used coffee grounds.


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