Oil Workers Put Boom in Williston Firework Sales


The Bakken was certainly rocking yesterday as the Fourth of July celebration brought new firework records to the area.  It has become quite obvious to the world that Williston is the place to be if you are looking for work.  People from all over are making large amounts of cash in a relatively short amount of time, but where is all that money going?  The search for this “oilfield cash” was coming up dry until I stumbled across an article about firework sales.  Obviously, the firework industry heats up as the Fourth approaches, just as people spend more on costumes in October, but I was completely unaware of the amount of money that was spent on fireworks over the last couple of days.  An article was brought to my attention in which firework store owners in the Williston area were interviewed.  Almost every owner had received individual sales, to one person, in the $3,000-$4,000 dollar range and many were unable to keep an adequate amount of inventory on the shelves.  So, is that the secret?  Is the money in Williston, North Dakota being spent on fireworks?  It seems so as hundreds of thousands of dollars was spent by residents on fireworks that explode within seconds.  I guess if you like to blow things up then Williston is the place to be.


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