Baseball Absent in the Bakken


Has anybody noticed that there is nowhere for amateur baseball players to play in the Bakken?  When I first rolled into town I thought that finding an amateur baseball team would be relatively easy, I mean it is America’s pastime right?  I also come from Minnesota where a “town team” is no more 5 miles away in any direction.  As the search continued I found that amateur baseball is localized to the eastern part of North Dakota.  Why is that?  One would think that amateur baseball would be a popular activity in the summer, especially with the oil boom in full swing.  There is high school baseball along with lower levels and legion during the summer for those who qualify under the age requirements, but for the many who are seasoned, there is only slow pitch softball.  There is no denying that slow pitch softball is fun, but it does not compare to those long summer nights at the ball park where it is a true struggle to walk off the field victorious.  To many, there is no better feeling.  Let’s work together and bring amateur baseball to not only Williston, but the Western part of North Dakota. 

Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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