I can do what with a Banana!? Helpful Household Tips


Bananas are one of the only fruits that remain fairly cheap throughout the calendar year, which make them a great pickup for anyone who is strutting through the grocery store.  The only unfortunate thing about bananas is the annoying peel that is left over once the delicious fruit is consumed.  Worry no more!  Banana peels are extremely versatile as they can be used all over your house for a variety of things.  For example, did you know that a banana peel can be used to relieve an itch or polish your shoes?  It’s true! If your shoes are squeaky clean or if you are itch free then take that banana peel and use it to help your garden grow or make the leaves on your household plants shimmer.  It is not just the peel that can be used in the banana you know: bananas are a natural form of Botox and are a fun and healthy treat when frozen.  The uses are almost endless.  These are just a few!  For breakfast tomorrow why don’t you have your cup of coffee and banana but save both the used beans and the peel for a potent cleaning combination at a cheap price. 

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 

Check out these two websites to learn more about the uses for bananas and their yellow peels. 




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