What Happened in the All-Star Game?


The MLB All-Star game is supposed to be a 9 inning struggle between the best players in the world.  Great hitters, pitchers and position players fight for the right to say that their division will receive home field advantage during the World Series.  This year’s All-Star was everything but a struggle as the National League trounced its American League foes by a score of 8-0.  It was evident early on that the game would be one-sided as the National League jumped on Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander for 5 runs in the top of the 1st inning.  They would sprinkle on 3 more runs as the game would wear on, including a 2-run shot by Melky Cabrera.  So what happened exactly?  It boils down to pitching.  The National League pitching staff was stacked with talent such as R.A Dickey, Matt Cain and Aroldis Chapman.  Obviously the American League had some great pitchers in their bullpen but when it came down to executing pitches; the National League triumphed every time.  American League pitchers were missing spots and falling behind in many counts which led to walks and pitches up in the zone.  Remember all you up and coming pitchers out there: Keep the ball down!  Hopefully next year we will see a closer game and better overall baseball

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