Beat the Heat: Understanding Your Air Conditioner


The dog days of summer are upon us as temperatures have been in the high 90’s most of the month.  These high temps make us realize that we really need the air conditioning in our vehicles.  Maintaining your air conditioner, even during the winter, is extremely important if you want your cool air to last.  The next time you bring your car in, or if you do home maintenance, be sure to check your filter and condenser.  If the filter or condenser is dirty then all of that cool air may not be reaching you.  Another trick to keeping your air conditioner healthy is to run it in the winter.  We know this sounds idiotic, but running your air conditioning for about 10 minutes every month will make sure that seals and hoses do not crack.  The temperatures in the northern Bakken area tomorrow are supposed to be 100o or higher.  Make sure that your vehicle has enough fuel so you don’t break down in this unbearable weather.  Drive safe!  Read this article for more information. 

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 

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