Year of the Tiger


Is he back for good?  Tiger Woods has been in the spotlight since he entered the PGA in 1996.  Whether it was becoming the youngest golfer to ever win the Masters, the signing of a massive contract with Nike or his involvement in a marital scandal, Tiger Woods has been on the forefront of all sporting news.  His knee surgery in 2008 along with his deteriorating marriage in 2009 brought bad times for the golfing star and it appeared that the “Woods Era” was on its last leg.  His poor play in recent years brought many sports analysts to believe that Tiger Woods was finally washed-up, especially because young stars like Rory McILroy and Rickie Fowler were rising through the ranks.  The golf world has been rocked this year by the re-vamped Tiger as he has 3 PGA Tour wins under his belt and has been in contention several other times.  Perhaps this is the year golf fans have been waiting for; the year that Tiger reclaims his title as the best golfer in the world.  He is the money leader for this year and is ranked 1st by the FedEx Cup and 4th by World Golf Ranking. 

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