Helpful Household Tips: Old Tubes of Toothpaste


Do you ever have too many tubes or toothpaste?  Worry no more as you can use those extra/old tubes for more than just polishing your teeth.  The summer months can wear on your checkbook as trips, gas and other expenses begin to pile up.  Using traditional household items for specialty jobs can greatly reduce expenses and relieve the stress of a tight budget.  Toothpaste, like many other bathroom items, has a multitude of uses that go beyond its original design.  Some of the great summer uses for toothpaste include: defogging swimming goggles, cleaning dirty shoes and relieving irritation from bug bites.  The uses for toothpaste goes on and on as you can use the dentist’s best friend for removing scratches from DVD’s, cleaning up fingernails or reducing stinky smells.  The next time you have a debacle in the house check around to see what can be fixed with that old tube of toothpaste beneath your sink.  For more uses check out this article!

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