Olympic Attention…Every 4 years


The Olympics concluded last night and the United States came out on top in the both gold medals won and the overall medal count.  For two weeks, the best athletes in the world battled for the right to say they are the greatest in the world, but the question must be asked: Why does the world only care about specific sports once every four years?  There is no arguing that swimming, gymnastics, synchronized swimming, table tennis, badminton and even water polo have a minimal following compared to other American sports.  Why is it that every four years the American public gets excited over these sports?  The talent that many of these athletes display is stunning and it should not go unnoticed.  Unfortunately, football, baseball, soccer and basketball seem to cast a shadow over these other sports when it comes to broadcasting and coverage.  In fact, two of the most popular American sports, football and baseball, are not in the Olympic Games.  We can only hope that in years to come that all Olympic sports receive more notice during the three years they are not fighting for the world title.    

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 

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