Are You Read For Some Football?!?!?!


Oh, it’s that time of the year again: fantasy football time!  Every year, football fans try and draft the best possible team for the upcoming fantasy season, but there is always second guessing, regret and hours of thought that accompany many picks.  At Ryan Motors, we decided to help all of you fantasy footballers by finding the top 10 picks for your upcoming season and a couple sleepers you may want to consider.

1.)  Arian Foster, RB, Houston Texans-Ranked #1 by both the and ESPN, he has a potent combination of power with pure speed.  He makes every defense coordinator nervous when he has the ball. 

2.)  Aaron Rodgers, QB, Green Bay Packers– There is no doubt that Mr. Rodgers may be the best quarterback in the league.  Great vision, good speed and a poised presence in the pocket make him one of the most valuable field generals of all time. 

3.)  Ray Rice, RB, Baltimore Ravens– Ray received the #2 vote by and the #3 from ESPN.  Consistency is a word that is often used when describing Rice.  You can always rely on him to give you high yardage and a TD.

4.)  Calvin Johnson, WR, Detroit Lions-Calvin may be the best receiver in the league as he is the only wide-out listed in many of the top 10 rankings.  He is often double-covered but still manages to have great YAC every year.

5.)  Drew Brees, QB, New Orleans Saints– Yes, we ranked him above Tom Brady, but not by much.  Brees set the NFL passing record last year with 5,476 yards.  Not to mention his 46 TD passes as well.

6.)  Tom Brady, QB, New England Patriots- A true veteran.  You can rely on Brady to throw for at least 30 TD passes a year, if not more.

7.)  Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arizona Cardinals– Maybe it is his work ethic or his long hair, but Larry seems to evade almost every defender that lines up across from him.  A constant deep threat with great hands, Larry is a receiver you want in your lineup.

8.)  LeSean McCoy, RB, Philadelphia Eagles­– A good choice for any fantasy line-up.  Durable, fast and effective.  Highly ranked by ESPN and

9.)  Cam Newton, QB, Carolina Panthers– Cam is coming off a good year.  He excels in scrambling and is always a threat to take the ball himself.  He is looking to cut down his interceptions this year and take the Panthers into the playoffs.

10.)                     Chris Johnson, RB, Tennessee Titans– Johnson is no stranger to fantasy talks.  He did not perform up to his hype last year and is looking to prove once again that he is the best in the league.

What about defense?

This is a toss-up. and ESPN both agree that the San Francisco 49ers hold the best defense, but after that it is up to personal analysis.  The Bears, Texans and Ravens are always safe picks.  Who is last?  One would have to think the Colts, Bucs or Panthers would come in last.  Be careful with those defenses!


1.)  Adrian Peterson, RB, Minnesota Vikings– Ok, so he is injury prone and has had some trouble with the law, but All-Day AP is back and ready to go.  Try not to forget what many thought when he was drafted: he will never reach all-star levels.

2.)  Matt Ryan, QB, Atlanta Falcons– The former Boston College standout has been leading the Falcons for the last 4 years and has put up good passing numbers.  He has Julio Jones and Roddy White around him, so hopefully that will help.

Good Luck!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

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