Helpful Household Tips: Vinegar, Good For More Than Just a Laugh


A couple of years ago, when I was visiting home, my mother and I were sitting at the kitchen table and catching up.  School, baseball, grades and my younger brother’s new girlfriend were among the topics we chatted about.  All of sudden, my mom dared me to drink a spoonful of vinegar, and in an attempt to act tough I took her up on the dare.  Wow, did it burn!  Remembering this fond, and painful memory, spiked my curiosity to what vinegar could be used for:

  • Clean your computer
  • Remove carpet stains
  • Remove candlewax or water stains from surfaces
  • Clean windshield wiper blades
  • Disinfect a cutting board or food preparation surface
  • Refresh an ice tray
  • Purify meats and seafood
  • Rid your fridge of odors
  • Clean your hands
  • Remove berry stains
  • Condition your hair
  • Soothe a painful sore throat
  • Repair a nasty bruise
  • Treat a bee or jellyfish sting
  • Or…get a laugh by daring someone to drink a tablespoon

There are many more.  Take a look at this Reader’s Digest article to learn more!

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