Are Used Dryer Sheets Actually Used Up?


Dryer sheets are fantastic.  They soften clothes, make your home smell wonderful and are very easy to use.  A great thing about dryer sheets is that they possess a multitude of use that go past their original purpose as they are very useful after they have been run through your drying device.  Hard to believe?  Check out these interesting uses:

  • Fight odor by placing the used sheet in shoes, boots and even luggage!
  • Remove pet hair from your clothing and furniture by wiping it down with a used sheet.
  • Plug mouse holes with a used dryer sheet.  Mice will not chew through it.
  • Chrome on vehicles and throughout your home can be polished with a used dryer sheet.
  • Soap scum on your shower door can be removed with a firm swipe.
  • If you, or your hair, are full of static then wipe yourself down with a used dryer sheet to rid yourself of that extra electricity.
  • Sharpen your scissors by wiping down the blades.
  • Place a dryer sheet in your AC unit to keep dust from flying through the vent.
  • Before sewing or stitching, run the thread through the sheet to reduce the possibility of tangling.

There are even more uses on this link!               

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