What is Williston To Do? McDonald’s is Closed!


The rumors are true, McDonalds in Williston is closed until September 16 as they are moving to a new location next door.  Hundreds, if not thousands, of people eat at this location every day.  Where should these people go now?  There are a variety of restaurants around the Williston area that are open and ready to serve you a great meal.  They include:

  • Hardee’s, right off of 11th St
  • KFC, a block north of Simonson Gas Station
  • Applebee’s, located on the corner of 26th St and 2nd Ave
  • Taco Johns, located on 2nd Ave
  • Dairy Queen, right next to Hardees on 11th St
  • Grandma Sharon’s, positioned on the bypass, right next to Anytime Fitness
  • Oh Borrito!, on the bypass by Grandma Sharon’s
  • 3 Amigos, behind Dairy Queen
  • Pizza Hut, on 2nd Ave
  • Subway, also on 2nd Ave

These are just some of the options that Williston has to offer.  Enjoy!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 


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