Are the Minnesota Vikings For Real?


What a tough question.  Viking fans always hope for an epic season and their first ever Super Bowl win.  There are 14 teams in the NFL who have never won a Super Bowl, and the Vikings are one of them.  In fact, the Minnesota Vikings are tied with the Buffalo Bills for the worst Super Bowl record at 0-4.  On a lighter note, the Vikings won their first game of the 2012-2013 season against the Jacksonville Jaguars.  A good start, especially for rookie kicker Blair Walsh who sent the game into overtime as time expired with a 55 yard field goal, but does this mean the Vikings will be in contention this year?  The last great season came in 2009 as the Vikes lost in the NFC championship, a truly heart-breaking moment for Minnesota fans.  The Purple People Eaters did show signs of greatness in their first game as Ponder, Harvin and Peterson put on some brilliant performances. It’s important to remember that they were playing the Jaguars, a team who has a history of poor play and has never even appeared in a Super Bowl.  We think the Vikings may be “for real” this year as Ponder is finally showing signs of maturity, Harvin and Peterson were putting on veteran type moves and the D-line looked like they are ready to finally put the Vikes on the Super Bowl board.

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