Peanut Butter is Ready to Help


Do you have any extra peanut butter in your house?  Odds are you do, unless someone in your home has an allergy.  Peanut butter is a unique food as it can help you complete some odd jobs around the house:

  • Rid your house of the fried fish smell– peanut butter can help you remove the fishy smell if you recently fried a slab in your house.  Place a dab in the pan after you have cooked it and the smell will be soaked up.
  • Vinyl and leather are now clean– jelly’s better half can help you make your leather couch shine!
  • Gum and stickers beware-use peanut butter to remove gum from your hair or shoe.  You can also remove stickers from packaging and other surfaces with a little bit of the nutty substance.
  • Clean DVDs and discs– believe it or not, peanut butter can help remove scratches.
  • Shaving-everyone runs out of shaving cream, so next time you are in a pinch and need to get out the door grab some of your peanut butter and use it as you would shaving cream.  The oil is also good for your skin!

There are few other uses on the following link.

Have a peanut butter filled day!

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