Are You Hungary?


Hungary has one of most unique names in world and we felt that very little was known about the nation that lies between Austria and Romania.  The history of Hungary goes back a long time as it became a Christian Kingdom in 1000 A.D.   Unfortunately, Hungary was under communist rule until 1990 when it finally held its first multi-party elections.  Hungary was granted presidency of the UN for the first time in 2011. 

Here are some quick facts on Hungary:

  • Population: 9,958,000
  • President: János Áder
  • Prime Minister: Viktor Orban
  • Size: 93,058 square kilometers
  • Hungary is landlocked
  • Government is a parliamentary democracy
  • GDP: $198.1 billion, which ranks 56th in the world
  • Unemployment: 11%
  • Currency: Hungarian forint
  • Dialing code of Hungary: 36
  • Number of airports: 41

This information was gathered from numerous sources, including the CIA World Factbook.

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