Sugar’s Super Sweet Uses


Sugar is a fairly abundant household item these days as it is commonly used for cooking and food preparation.  The great thing about sugar is that it can be used for more than just sweetening.  For example, did you know that sugar can used to soothe a burned tongue?  It’s true!  Just a place a small dab on the burned portion of your tongue and let the sugar work (plus you will get to enjoy the sweet taste).  Sugar can also be used for:

  • Keeping food fresh.  Place a few sugar cubes in the airtight container and your food will remain fresh for an extended period of time
  • Make your flowers vibrant.  Add just a tablespoon to their water source and watch them stand up and shout!
  • Clean out your coffee grinder.  Sugar is a fairly abrasive substance, but safe to run through the coffee grinder.  ¼ cup of sugar + 10 minutes of grinding = a clean bean masher!
  • Hands greasy? Sugar can used to degrease/clean your hands.  Use sugar and water, or sugar and olive oil for the tougher jobs, to yield a potent hand cleaning combination.

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This information was found at the following link.


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