Upset Sepcial: Who is the NFL’s Underdog?


The great thing about the NFL, is that almost every year, there is an underdog many can cheer for.  Who will that be this year?  The Texans have finally put together a good football team.  Quarter Back Matt Schaub, running back Arian Foster and wide receiver Andre Johnson have really played up to their hype so far.  The Eagles have also looked solid through the first two games.  Michael Vick is a forced to be reckoned with as he can not only pass for 300+ yards a game, but is always a threat to dance around defenders.  These teams, along with the Broncos and Falcons, show some serious potential, but the team to watch this year is the Cardinals.  Somehow, the Cardinals managed to down the Patriots behind backup quarterback Kevin Kolb.  Granted the New England Patriots missed a game winning field goal, but none the less, the red birds might be for real.  The week before, they managed to knock off the Seahawks; a team many believed was destined for a breakout year.  Buckle up football fans; this may be the year of the Cardinal.


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