Gone Fishing for Trout, Mike Trout


Major League Baseball has been surprised this year by rookie sensation Mike Trout.  He is a kid, not even old enough to order beer, but he still dominates in all aspects of the game.  A true 5 tool player, he currently leads the American League in runs scored (118), stolen bases (46) and is second in batting average with a .327 clip.   Mike Trout will also be in the running for the overall top play of the year; a leaping catch that robbed J.J. Hardy of a homerun.  Oh ya, he has also smashed 27 homeruns and driven in 77 runs.  Who is this guy?  His National League counterpart, if you can even compare him to anyone, Bryce Harper, has been in the media spotlight this entire year as he is one of the few teenagers to play Major League Baseball, but he doesn’t even deserve to be in the same sentence as Mr. Trout.  Believe it or not, Mike Trout was not even selected within the first 10 picks.  He was snagged by the Angels as the 25th overall selection in 2009.  Trout does qualify as a rookie this year and there is no doubt that he will win the rookie of year, if not the league MVP and most likely a Gold Glove for center field.  The Angles are currently fighting for a playoff spot and I for one would love to see this kid in October.


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