NFL in the Office


The employees here at Ryan Motors have a variety of predictions for the NFL this year.  We thought we would share a few of these to see if you would like to voice your opinion.

  • Alvin Joswick– A true Seahawks fan.  The staff is reminded every week of the upcoming matchup, their current ranking and every other statistic you can imagine.  In Alvin’s mind, the Seahawks will go 13-3 and win it all in January.
  • Ron Hendrickson– Ron is like many North Dakotans in that he follows the Minnesota Vikings.  In his fantasy draft he chose A.P. early because of his past success, regardless of his off the field activities and reoccurring injuries.
  • Todd Remus– The Oakland Raiders reside in Todd’s heart.  They finally won a game this year when they squeaked out a victory over the Steelers yesterday.  Hopefully Carson Palmer can take a historically awful team into the playoffs.
  • Erin Stanley– The Minnesota Vikings are a favorite with this Sales Manager.  Erin stays out of the NFL debates for the most part.  He is a quiet, confident fan.
  • Brian Knight– A fan of Boston College from his early years, Brian is an avid follower of the Atlanta Falcons and Mr. Matt Ryan.  The Falcons have been on the doorstep for the last couple of years and Brian truly believes that this is the year Matt Ryan steps up and takes the cake. 

What do you think?

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 

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