Learn to Love Them: Packing Peanuts


What item seems to annoy you the most around your home?  Packing peanuts have to be near the top of your list as they get everywhere, especially when they break.  Put your frustration to rest as we have found a number of ways to use these small Styrofoam pieces for good.  For example, using packing peanuts for the base layer in potted plants can help increase drainage, as well as reduce the overall weight of the plant.  Packing peanuts can also be used for:

  • Pet Bedding– stuff an old pillow case with packing peanuts to make a comfortable pillow for your household buddy.
  • Suitcase Protectors– all you need is a few Styrofoam peanuts and an old plastic bag and you have a cheap way to protect any valuables from breaking in your suitcase. 
  • Floating Key Chain– Stringing a few peanuts to your keys before you go boating can help you ensure that your way home will not be lost into the wet abyss.
  • Room Freshener– When sprayed with your favorite perfume or cologne, packing peanuts will help spread the wonderful scent.  Simply place the peanuts in a fun jar before spraying them down.

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This information was gathered from two separate sites.  Site 1Site 2.

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