2013 Honda Accord



Oh, it is pretty.  Here at Ryan we recently received the 2013 Honda Accord and it has exceeded all of our expectations.  For starters, the vehicle looks downright awesome.  It’s sleek look is sure to attract attention when you drive down the street, but Honda recently added some new safety features that will help you stay safe when driving.

  • Heated side mirrors help prevent ice build-up in the snowy winter months.
  • Front-end cameras.  These cameras will warn you if there is an object or vehicle ahead that you are approaching too quickly.
  • Front end cameras continued: The cameras will also notify you if you are drifting out of the lane.  This helps drivers who may be prone to falling asleep during long road trips.
  • Lane departure system.  The new safety system will display the blind spots on your display screen before you merge right.
  • LED daytime lights for the darkest of nights.

There are even more cool features as well!  Stop by Ryan to check out these incredible new vehicles.

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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