A Bleak/Brown Future


There are only two Cleveland Browns fans at Ryan Motors, but their faith remains strong.  Sales Manager Todd Remus often sports his Browns pull-over with pride and rebuts critics with comments such as “it is always easy to cheer for a team that does well”.  Brian Knight is also on board as he always choses his team to win in the local “pick-em” game.  The truth is that the Browns have not held a winning record since 2007.  Cleveland has a recent history of poor play, so-so quarterbacks and mediocre coaching.  What will it take to get back in the race?  The Browns do not seem to have much trouble putting up points as they have scored at least 14 in all four of their losses.  Unfortunately, the defense cannot keep opponents out of their end zone.  The Browns net point total for the year stands at -25, and although this is not the worst in the league, it is certainly nothing to brag about.  Rookie quarterback Brandon Weeden is not helping the equation either as he has only thrown 3 touchdown passes to his 7 interceptions.  There is light on the horizon though as Weeden’s passing yardage has increased almost every week.  The hope therein lies with the defense.  The Browns defense currently ranks 27th out of 32 teams even though they are 2nd in total sacks and interceptions.  The defensive unit needs to start working together to put up a united front as they are allowing roughly 21 points a game.  C’mon Cleveland!  We are rooting for you!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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