Erase Everything!


Erasers have become obsolete in the workplace.  Pens, highlighters and a variety of markers have taken over most offices around the world.  What can you do with the extra pencils and their erasers?  There are a variety of different ways to use the pink pencil tops.  Crayon marks can removed from walls if you or your child decided it would be fun to draw all over.  Scuff marks on vinyl floors are no match for your everyday eraser; all you need to do is throw in some elbow grease.  Piano keys can be buffed and cleaned with the other end of a pencil.  Stick-On labels often leave a mess behind when peeled away.  Rub the left over residue with an eraser to peel it away with ease.  Lastly, a picture frame can scratch a wall if it is not properly positioned.  Take four small pencil erasers and glue them to the back corners of the frame to help reduce scratches and aid in the straightening process.

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

This information was found on this Readers Digest site.


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