Triple Crown Sighting: History in the Making


We may be witnessing baseball history this year as Miguel Cabrera is on the verge of winning a Triple Crown title.  What is the Triple Crown?  When a player leads in three most prestigious batting categories (batting average, homeruns and runs batted in or RBI’s), he is dubbed the Triple Crown champion.  This feat is almost unheard of as most homerun hitters typically struggle in the average category, while those who lead hit parades do not have the power to drive it over the fence consistently.  The last Triple Crown winner was Carl Yastrzemski in 1967.  There is only one game left in the regular season and it appears that the only way Cabrera would not win is if home run hitter Josh Hamilton went deep a few times this afternoon.  Miguel has a considerable lead in the average and RBI categories, but is ahead by only one dinger.  If Hamilton decides to place a few in the seats then Cabrera would have to come out swinging tonight to claim the illustrious title.  This truly is a once in a lifetime scenario, as Todd Remus said “this will be the only time any of us will ever see a Triple Crown winner.”  Good luck Miguel! 

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