Using Old Newspaper


Old newspapers can often pile up in your home as the recycling or garbage only comes about once a week.  Luckily, a newspaper is good for more than just reading.  Grab that old paper and place it into food containers to remove any unwanted odors.  You can also use newspaper to dry out your shoes.  Ball up the old sports section and place it in your shoes overnight to wake up to a dry sole.  Here are a few more fun uses:

  • Ripen Tomatoes-Wrap each tomato individually and leave them at room temperature to increase the ripening process.
  • Cleaning Glass- Newspaper works great for removing streaks from glass.  All you need is your favorite cleaner and the classifieds.
  • Prepare for a Garden- This fall, cover the desired planting ground with roughly 4 layers of newspaper.  Place shredded leaves or bark over the future garden and let it sit over the winter.  When the spring arrives, you will have wonderful base for your flowers and veggies.
  • Wrapping Gift- What person doesn’t like a comedic wrapping on their gift?

There are more too!  Check out this website.

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