Top 5 NFL Teams


The football season is in full swing and there has been a lot of talk about who the top 5 teams in the NFL are.  Ryan Motors wanted to break it down for all you football fans out there.

1.) Houston Texans­- Despite the fact that this blogger is a die-hard Falcons fan, there is no denying that the Texans are for real this year.  Hitting their stride this year right out of the gate, this Texas team is 5-0 and not looking to quit.

2.) Atlanta Falcons- They are a hard team to overlook.  They started hot and are getting hotter.  Matt Ryan seems to make every defensive backfield look silly.

3.) San Francisco 49ers- Wow.  What a defense.  Not to mention the potent combo of Alex Smith and Frank Gore.  They held the Bills to 3 points last week.

4.) Chicago Bears- There may not be a better defense in the league.  I for one would not like to run at Brian Urlacher.  Jay Cutler has also looked pretty good this year.

5.) Minnesota Vikings- Ok, so we disagree with the “NFL analysts” but let’s look at some facts:

  1. The Vikings may have the best overall player in the league: Percy Harvin.
  2. A.P. rarely has less than 100 rushing yards game.
  3. Ponder is finally looking like a professional quarterback.
  4. The defense is ferocious, especially the front 4.


At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

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