Nail Polish, Not Just for Women/Nails


The limits of your nail polish, or that of your significant other, goes far past your fingers and toes.  Take that overflowing cabinet of nail polish and use it for some good around the house.

  • Mark Levels on a Bucket- The next time you have to mix various substances in a bucket, make sure you are using the correct amounts by marking desired levels on the side of the container with nail polish.  It will last a long time and it can be marked in a fun color.
  • Waterproof Labels- Clear nail polish lightly brushed over a label can ensure that all H20 will remain out of the picture.
  • Rid the House of Rust Rings- Spreading nail lacquer over the metal portion of jars or shaving cream cans can help you fight off those ugly rust stains.
  •  Protect Your Belt- Clear nail polish can be used to keep the shine in your belt buckle.  Spread a light layer over the metal and enjoy having a beautiful belt every day of the week.
  • Frayed No More- Use clear nail polish to cover and reduce frayed strings on shirts and pants.  It will reduce their likelihood of becoming a large nuisance. 
  • Cooler Leak Specialty- Plug that hole in your cooler with your favorite finger painter.

These are just a few.  Check out the rest of the great uses from this Reader’s Digest website.

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