Leaves, Leaves Everywhere


The leaves are falling all over North Dakota and it is getting close to raking time.  It is important that you take time to rake your yard every year as it will help keep your lawn healthy come spring.  We know that raking is probably on the bottom of your to-do list, and we can’t blame you, but we found some tips that can make the process less of a headache:

1.)  Buy a quality rake.  The stress from raking will only increase if the rake you own is cheap and breaks in the middle of the job.

2.)  Pain in your shoulders and arms can be relieved if you purchase an ergonomic rake.  They are specifically designed to relieve such pain.

3.)  Do not stand in one place when your rake.  This will not only help you get some exercise, but it will reduce the chance of a backache.

4.)  Sweep in smaller motions.  Longer sweeps tend to gather less leaves and can lead to post-raking pains throughout your body.

5.)  Try and rake downwind.  This may seem obvious, but when you get involved in a project, you can often get carried away and forget that you are raking the same leaves twice.

6.)  It can get hot, but wear long pants, a long sleeved shirt and gloves as bugs and snakes can often be hiding in those piled up leaves.

7.)  Do your best to start raking after peak fall foliage.  We know that it can be tempting to rake all the leaves right away, but by waiting you may be saving yourself numerous trips out to the garage and yard.

This information was gathered from the attached site.

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