Helpful Household Tips: Amazing Petroleum Jelly


This week’s amazing household item is petroleum jelly.  A very interesting substance, much like Jell-O, because it is neither a liquid nor a solid.  There are more uses for petroleum jelly than simply relieving chapped lips or a buffer under a Band-Aid.  Here are a few:

  • Do you have a ring stuck around your finger?  Just rub some jelly around the ring and slide it off for resizing.
  • Rub some jelly on your eyebrows to manage those out of control hairs.
  • Avoid buying tear-free shampoo for your child by rubbing a little on their eyebrows before their bath or shower.  The lubricant will help keep the soap out of their eyes.
  • Lipstick stains on cloth napkins can be removed with petroleum jelly.
  • Gum can end up anywhere, but luckily it can be removed with the clear jelly.  If you are burdened with removing the chewed up substance from a piece of wood use the magic ingredient liberally to slide it off and into the garbage.
  • Keep the ants away from your pet’s food bowl by ringing the bottom of it with petroleum jelly.
  • Door hinges, cabinets and windows can often squeak.  Stop the annoyance by applying some jelly on the metal hinges or along the inside of the window frame.

These and many more uses were found from the attached Reader’s Digest site.

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