Parent Trick-or-Treating Fun


Hey parents, you have probably been lectured quite a bit on trick-or-treating safety, so we decided to list some fun things you can do tonight while you are walking with your kids or after the candy gathering has concluded:

  • Dress up with them.  Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute, dressing up in a silly costume is pretty darn fun.  Make it even better by competing with your child for the best costume (of course you should concede at the end of the night that you lost).
  • If you are toting along a youngling in a wagon or stroller, deck that wagon out with cob-webs and decorations to make it look spooky on the street!  Don’t be afraid to put a boom box on there as well and enjoy some toons while you stroll around.
  • For dinner tonight, get some orange food dye and put it in something you normally wouldn’t.  Why yes, I would like some orange rice and orange milk!
  • Play a board game, but use candy corn or other pieces of candy.
  • Invite all of your friends over and turn it into a fun gathering.  Play games, drink punch and let the kids enjoy their costumes and candy while you socialize!

Have fun and be safe tonight!

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