Thursday Night Football Breakdown


Tonight should be a….let’s say interesting….game to watch.  The Kansas City Chiefs take on the San Diego Chargers in Thursday Night Football tonight.  Even though the Chargers are 2nd in their division, they have showed little hope for a post-season run, and let’s be honest, the Chiefs have looked like a middle school team.  Kansas City has had a quarterback problem all year as Matt Cassel has struggled and now Brady Quinn has a head injury.  Philip Rivers of the Chargers has not looked much better as he struggled getting his team on the board last week against the Cleveland Browns.  6 points against one of the worst defenses?  C’mon Phil.  What will tonight bring?  Who knows.  The Chargers desperately need a win to stay in contention and if Matt Cassel ever wants to be taken seriously again he needs to find a way to put points on the board and limit turnovers.  We are always a fan of the underdog, so whatever the outcome tonight, it will be a win for everyone.  Good luck! 

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