Helpful Household Tips: Versatile Ziploc Bags


Regardless of who you decide to vote for today, you probably need a few extra tips to help make life easier around the house.  This week we are featuring the extremely versatile Ziploc bag.  This household item is in almost every home and many of the helpful uses of it are unknown.  They include:

  • Ø Frosting designs– cut off the corner of a Ziploc bag and use it to decorate cakes, cookies and other confections.  No mess and easy to dispose of when completed.
  • Ø Remove gum or wax– fill the clear bag with ice cubes and rub the substance until it is frozen.  Take a firm object and gently hit the gum or wax until it falls off, then vacuum up!
  • Ø Store soup– place your left-over soup in a Ziploc bag and then put it in the freezer.  The soup will freeze flat and give you more room to store other frozen products.
  • Ø Create your own package protector– close the bag until just a straw can fit in the top.  Inflate and place in a package to protect the cargo from being damaged.
  • Ø Graham Cracker/Vanilla Wafer Smasher– need to smash up some cookies for a dessert or pie crust?  Limit the mess by placing them into the bag before they meet their maker and keep your countertop and floor crumb free.

There are more uses at the following site where this information was gathered.

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