Hollywood Stars Before They Were Famous


It is hard to imagine Hollywood stars outside of their fame.  The movies, red carpet, celebrity photos and paparazzi often cover up that these “stars” were once normal, everyday people.  For example, Tom Hanks worked as a hotel bellboy.  Hard to believe he had to carry heavy luggage up and down stairs.  He is not the only one:

Johnny Depp- Was a phone pen phone salesman.  Yes, that is right.  Johnny Depp sold pens via cold calls.

Russell Crowe- Or should we say “Russ Le Roq?”  The movie star was a local DJ in Australia during his young years.

Brad Pitt- Beautiful Brad once wore a chicken suit to attract customers for a fried chicken restaurant in Hollywood.

Carrie Underwood- That will be $45.10 please.  Mrs. Underwood worked as a cashier at a gas station before her talents were finally noticed on American Idol.

Denzel Washington- Brushed collars for customers in a barbershop.

Megan Fox- Although she has gained much fame from her films and modeling, this natural beauty once dressed up like a banana to attract customers into a smoothie shop.

Nicolas Cage- He started in the entertainment field early in life as he sold popcorn at a movie theater…little did he know that he would eventually return, but on the big screen.

Queen Latifah- The Queen worked at Burger King taking orders and cleaning bathrooms.

Ellen Degeneres- Drove cars out of a carwash and wiped off any remaining water.

Jerry Seinfeld- The famous comedian has sold light bulbs over phone and knock-off jewelry via a street stand.  

The list goes on and on. 

It is never too late to achieve stardom!

This information was gathered from a host of sites.

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion. 

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