North Dakota, A Great Place To Live

North Dakota has been a hot topic in the national news because of the oil boom and the incredibly low unemployment rate.  These are fantastic, no doubt, but there is more to the Peace Garden State then just the economy.  For example, Theodore Roosevelt National Park is one of our country’s most beautiful areas.  The hilly terrain combined with the natural grassland make it a must see for everyone.  There is also an abundance of historic locations in North Dakota including Fort Buford, the infamous site where Sitting Bull surrendered.  This wonderful state is also home to a portion of the Lewis and Clark exploration trail.  The vast and colorful history of the Native American people can be explored through various restored locations.  Bismarck, the state’s capital, is also a sight to see.  The beautiful town is located in the center of the state and features great shopping, various tourist attractions and a number of college institutions.  Lastly, the best part of North Dakota has to be the people that reside within it.  Genuine, honest and kind people make up a majority of the population, making this state the place to be!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.   

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