Winter Driving

Winter is officially upon us, which means the roads will be covered with snow and ice.  We thought it would be important to spread some winter driving tips to those who have not been around this weather very long.  First and foremost, slow down.  We understand that sometimes you have to hurry somewhere, but driving a few extra miles an hour faster is not worth risking an accident or sliding into a ditch.  In fact, that will only lengthen your travel time.  Secondly, make sure all of the ice and snow is removed from your windshield, side and back windows and side mirrors.  It is tempting to hop in your car and “tough it out” until you reach your destination, but this is very dangerous.  Reducing your vision while driving is one of the most common ways people get into accidents.  Third, if you do start to slide or fishtail, do not simply slam on the breaks.  Use your breaks in spurts, as this will reduce sliding while calmly turning the wheel in the direction you wish to go.  Most importantly, always wear your seatbelt!  You never know when it will come into play, so it is important to always be prepared.  Drive safe out there!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

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