Helpful Household Tips: Mr. Coffee Filter


When you go to the grocery store to purchase coffee filters, not only do you receive a large bundle, but most of the time they pile up in the house.  The truth is that there are many mornings when you do not have time to make coffee so these filters can go unused.  Not anymore!  We found some interesting uses for the extra coffee filters you have around your kitchen:

  • Soften a Camera Flash– Who wants to see the flash of the camera in a photo?  We certainly don’t, so next time you are taking a close up picture hold a coffee filter over the flash light on the camera to soften the blinding light.
  • Snack Bowls- Use coffee filters as snack bowls when you or the kids are watching TV.  They are disposable and help contain messes.
  • Microwaveable- Did you know that coffee filters are microwaveable?  It’s true!  Keep dirty dishes out of the picture by heating up the leftovers in the filters.
  • Soil Saver- The next time you are potting plants, put a filter over the drainage hole to save the soil from falling through.
  • Window/Glass Cleaner- Coffee filters can be used to clean glass and windows without leaving any residue behind.
  • Popsicle Holder- Keep the delicious frozen treat from dripping on your hands by poking the stick through the base of the coffee filter before enjoying!

There are more uses at the following website where this information was gathered.

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