Warm Winter Weather


Midwesterners know that warm weather rarely comes along once Halloween passes, so it is vital that you take advantage of the warm spell we are experiencing.  Play catch with a football, go for a run, take out the motorcycle for one last spin or bring the kids to the park.  We all know that when the cold finally sets in, and believe us it will, going outside for extended periods of time will be difficult.  Growing up, there was always the joke that when it was 50 degrees Midwesterners would be in shorts while southern folks would be bundled up from head to toe.  It is so true!  The winter months can be quite fun, as hockey, sledding and snowmobiling take over, but come March, we will all be begging for those warm summer days again.  Take those shorts out for one more day and enjoy the beautiful November weather we are so lucky to have!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.

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