Coca-Cola’s Many Uses


This week’s helpful household item is the famous fizzy beverage, Coca-Cola.  The Coke brand has been around for decades and has served as a drink favorite for millions of people around the world.  The sweetest thing about the drink may not be its flavor, but its unique uses.  Spill some oil on your garage floor?  No problem, just pour a little coke on the mess, let it soak and wash it off with a hose.  The creators of Coca-Cola probably had no idea that their product could be used for some many things:

  • Kill slugs and snails.
  • De-rusting metal objects.
  • Stung by a jellyfish on vacation?  Pour some Coke on the sting and feel the relief.
  • Remove the black from your pots.  Simply pour a can in the pot and cook it on low for roughly and hour, then wash it out!
  • Cooking.  Coca-Cola can be used for a variety of recipes.
  • Soothe a sore throat.  Simply gargle and spit.
  • Neutralize skunk odors.  Sponge yourself or your pet down with some Coke then wash it all off in the shower.

This information was gathered from a host of sites.

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