Understanding Parents

My parents were nice enough to make a trip up to North Dakota to see me for just one day.  It was a very long trip, especially to see just one of their four children.  It’s funny, parents often have a way of regressing their kids; sending them back quite a few years.  Telling their children how to stand, eat, walk, drive, think and even work becomes secondhand nature.  Needless to say, the joy of the visit turned to stress as it felt like I was still in middle school.  It took a one-on-one moment with my mom to really understand what was happening as she looked at me and said “Your dad and I really love you a lot”.  Sappy?  Sure is, but it makes you realize that no matter what, parents just want what is best for their child.  Parents could really care less as long as they child is happy and healthy.  My parents don’t want to actually change all of things about me; they are just trying to make me happy.  To all you caring parents out there, thank you for all of your time, effort and love you send your kid’s way.  And everyone else, parents are there to keep you in-line and are just trying to make you happy.

Cheers to all parents!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.      

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