North Dakota, #1 in the Nation

Congratulations North Dakota!  A recent study found that the great state of North Dakota is the best run state in the nation.  The unemployment rate is the lowest in the country at 3.5%.  No mystery there, the oil boom in the Bakken as opened up thousands of jobs.  Home owners have scored huge as property values in North Dakota have risen by 29% over the last five years.  The median household income in North Dakota is $51,704, which is 22nd highest in the nation.  Let’s not forget that for the most part North Dakota has a relatively low cost of living.  This great state has also had the largest jump in GDP over the last year.  What is the best aspect of North Dakota?  The budget deficit in North Dakota is a grand total of 0%.  North Dakota is one of only two states that have not reported a budget deficit in the last three years. 

Go North Dakota!

This information was gathered from the following site.

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