Fun Holiday Activities for the Family


Let’s get real for a minute, caroling with the family or sitting around a warm fire sharing holiday stories is not a child’s dream day.  That is not to say that those activities aren’t fun, but those traditions are becoming quite rare.  What else can you do?  How about ice skating?  Sure, it is quite difficult for some, but watching mom and dad fall all over the ice may be the funniest thing the kids will see all year.  Sledding is the same way.  Zipping down a hill will bring smiles to anyone’s face, and if you happen to wipe out, all the better!  After a few fun activities it could be a nice change of pace to volunteer your time serving food, wrapping gifts, running errands or collecting charity funds.  These actions will have a positive effect on the entire family as children, and adults, can really learn what the holiday season is all about.  Lastly, when shopping for gifts, break up into smaller groups and shop for each other.  Use your group to think of creative and affordable ideas for gifts that reflect how important that person is to you.  Stay warm out there!

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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