Baseball Talk

Let’s talk baseball for a minute.  The Los Angeles Angels may be the best team in baseball.  Not only did they just sign Josh Hamilton, they also inked Joe Blanton, Sean Burnett and Ryan Madson.  That’s not all!  We cannot forget about Rookie of the Year and Silver Slugger winner Mike Trout, Mark Trumbo, or that guy named Albert Pujols.  The Angels will be unstoppable if they can remain healthy.  Try and imagine stepping on the mound to pitch against this new lineup; talk about a nightmare.  The truth is that the Angels are turning into a Yankee type organization…they buy what they want.  ESPN projected their starting lineup as the following:

1.) Mike Trout                     OF

2.) Erick Aybar                    SS

3.) Albert Pujols                  1B

4.) Josh Hamilton               OF

5.) Kendrys Morales          DH

6.) Mark Trumbo               OF

7.) Howie Kendrick                        2B

8.) Alberto Callaspo           3B      

9.) Chris Iannetta               C

So the one weak spot may be their catcher who still managed to hit .240 in limited playing time last year.

 Heads up MLB, there is a new sheriff in town and his name is Los Angeles Angels.

 This information was gathered from a host of sites.

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