2013: The Year for You


What a year!  2012 was filled with an abundance of exciting news including the supposed “end of the world.”  We are sure glad that did not happen!  What else stands out from 2012?  Barack Obama was re-elected to his second term as president, the Olympics were held in London, the San Francisco Giants won the World Series, Justin Bieber released his 3rd album and Adrian Peterson came within 9 yards of breaking the single season rushing record.  The list goes on and on as it truly was a great year.  Now is the time for most of us to make, and eventually break, our New Year’s resolutions.  If you have some time, we would like to extend the following challenge to you: take some time for yourself this year.  We are often trapped in the hustle of everyday life that we forget to do something fun, or simply take 20 minutes to do whatever makes us happy.  Enjoy each day of this new year.  The staff at Ryan Motors wants to wish you the best for the 2013 year. 

At Ryan Motors, vehicles may be our profession, but people are our passion.


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