The Awesome Q-Tip: Helpful Household Tips


The helpful household tip of the week is focused around the famous Q-tip.  The small cotton swab on a stick has been around since the 1920’s and it still graces the bathroom of most houses.  What are Q-tips mainly used for?  Makeup application and removal, cleaning ears (even though it is not recommended) and other general bathroom uses top the list but hold on, they aren’t done yet!  Q-tip usage extends far past the bathroom, including:

  • Candle-Lighter- If the wick on your candle is burned out, dip the end of a Q-tip in rubbing alcohol, light the end and you can now reach that burnt down wick.
  • Dust Buster- Use a Q-tip to dust the creases and cracks of a picture frame or statue.
  • Zipper Un-sticker- Is your zipper stuck?  Dip that cotton end in olive oil and rub on the zipper for an easy zip.
  • Tech Cleaner- Q-tips can be used to clean CDs, DVD players, cameras and computers.
  • Kid Paintbrush- It is obvious; kids make a mess when painting, so they might as well use a brush that you can throw away.  Use a Q-tip to eliminate a mess.
  • Painless Face Paint- Try a Q-tip when applying face paint to your child.  The cotton should glide nicely.

These tips were found on the following site where more uses can be found.

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